Breeds in New Zealand

Anglo NubianAnglo Nubian

The Anglo Nubian is of Eastern origin. They are alert, sound, and well balanced with a high proud head carriage. They are medium to large, with pronounced nasal bones (Roman nose) and long pendulous ears set low on the head, wide and open. The coat is any colour or combination of colours.

British AlpineBritish Alpine

The British Alpine is of Swiss type. They are large in size, graceful, with smoothly blended body, exhibiting attractive dairy type. The colour is black with the same white Swiss markings as for the Toggenburg.


The Saanen originated in Switzerland. They are medium to large, of attractive dairy type, alert and revealing vigour. The coat colour is white or cream. Ears should be erect and alertly carried, preferably pointed forward. Saanens are the predominant breed in New Zealand


The Sable originated in New Zealand about 1985. It can be any colour but must not have more than 50% white. The Sable was developed from the Herd Register Saanens which have a colour gene. The milking ability of the Sable is the same as the Saanen.


The Toggenburg is of Swiss origin, and comes from the Toggenburg Valley in Switzerland. This breed is of medium size, sturdy, vigorous and alert in appearance. The colour is brown, varying from light fawn to dark chocolate. Distinct white Swiss markings are: facial stripes from above the eye to the muzzle, edges and tips of the ears, legs from the knees and hocks down to the hooves and the inside of the legs to the trunk, on the rump and around the tail.

Nigerian Dwarf

Recently introduced to New Zealand .The  Nigerian Dwarf is a miniature version milking breed developed in the USA from dwarf goats originating in West Africa. The coat is any colour or combination of colours, ears are erect and face dished. Eyes can be any colour.